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The Nurse’s Responsibility in the Field of Clinical Pharmacology

When drugs are used in a clinical setting, they have the potential to provide therapeutic benefits to patients who are afflicted with any number of illnesses and diseases. Scientific advancements in the field of clinical pharmacology are improving the ways in which drugs interact with humans. However, considerable challenges are currently hindering new drug development. […]

Healthcare’s Unsung Heroes: The Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse

The psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) cares for mental health needs across the lifespan. By providing pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions, the PMHNP ensures that patients receive the quality and cost-efficient services they need. To learn more, checkout the infographic below created by Regis College’s Online BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree program. Key Terms […]

BSN to DNP Programs Online – Improve Patient Outcomes

  BSN to DNP online degree programs are rising in popularity as a convenient alternative to traditional, classroom-based nurse educational programs. With the additional flexibility offered by removing strict classroom schedules, practicing nurses can more easily balance their job responsibilities with completing DNP coursework. As the current nationwide nursing shortage has placed greater pressure on […]

The Fast Track Toward Leadership: BSN to DNP Online Degrees

Advanced practice nurses are being taught to effectively administer primary care treatments in place of physicians. This level of practice responsibility is not available to registered nurses, as only advanced practice nurses have the level of clinical expertise to conduct treatments without the direct supervision of a physician. A Reasonable Replacement for Primary Care Doctors […]

BSN to DNP Programs Online – Making It Happen

In order to advance in their careers, nursing professionals must find balance between gaining professional experience and pursuing education to progress their current knowledge and clinical skill set. Yet, there are many factors that must be weighed before someone can make the choice to go back to school. Prospective nursing students can decide when it […]

MSN to DNP – Sometimes It’s About the Journey

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of nurse practitioner positions available in the United States is expected to grow more than 30 percent over the next ten years. [7] With this in mind, nursing professionals are strongly incentivized to pursue the most advanced nursing degree, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). […]

The Growing Need for Adult Gerontology

While it’s widely known that the United States needs more nurse practitioners (NPs), there is an especially urgent need for more adult gerontology nurse practitioners (AGNPs) to care for the growing elderly population. AGNPs treat health issues affecting the cognitive, physical, psychological and social function of their patients. However, there are only 7,029 certified geriatricians […]

Online BSN to DNP Programs: A Solution for the High-Level Talent Shortage

In the United States, more than fifty-eight million citizens live in areas that are classified as primary care shortage areas. These regions, officially labeled as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), fail to maintain a sufficient group of primary care providers as outlined by federal guidelines. According to a report issued by the Kaiser Foundation, Advanced […]

7 Leadership Skills Nurses Can Gain by Pursuing a BSN to DNP Program Online

Educated nurse leaders are essential to health care organizations, because they are able to adeptly apply their knowledge of holistic medicine and health care management. They demonstrate their leadership skills in coordinating teams of nurses who assume clinical responsibilities such as prescribing and administering treatments, handling patient admissions and discharges, diagnosing illnesses, and providing patients […]

Information About 5 Common Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders can be the result of genetic abnormalities such as gene mutation or additional chromosomes. The effects of abnormalities in an individual’s DNA were once entirely unpredictable. However, modern medicine has produced methods of identifying the potential health outcomes of genetic disorders, as evidenced by medical research from educated, advanced-degreed nurse practitioners and practicing […]