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Family Nurse Practitioner Programs Online: A Modern Solution for Upwardly Mobile Nurses

The United States is one of many nations that currently face a troublesome nursing shortage which can be linked to the increasing size and age of the patient population, as well as a decrease in the number of qualified nurses entering the field. The constant increase in the general patient population creates higher demand for […]

The Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program: Preparing for a Higher Level of Service

While practical and registered nurses form the frontline of care professionals tasked with providing health services to patients across the nation, advanced practice registered nurses comprise the elites within this field. They possess the knowledge and credentials required to administer complex treatments that could overwhelm less experienced nurses. Reaching this level of expertise requires advanced […]

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Online Training: Fulfilling Our Future Medical Needs

When there are not enough nurses to correctly staff the hospitals and other medical facilities that provide health care throughout the nation, the nurses that are available get placed under additional stress, restricting their ability to provide quality care—relegating their patients to less desirable health care outcomes. Therefore, the academic community is pushing to bolster […]

Online PNP Programs: Fulfilling the Desire to Help Children

Children who are ill or injured require specialized care from nurses who are specifically trained to manage acute, chronic, and critical pediatric conditions. Pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) are advanced-practice registered nurses (RNs) who effectively and compassionately care for children in a variety of environments: in pediatric offices, school-based health centers, and other more general health […]

4 Ways That Informatics Could Improve Health Care Treatment

Since the modern discipline of nursing was properly established in the 19th century, nurses have been exploring ways to improve the collaboration of interdisciplinary nursing professionals who use data from patient records and other valuable clinical data. Many of these interdisciplinary nursing professionals are former nurses who have obtained certification within health informatics often through […]

FNP vs NP: What’s Right for Me?

As the patient population in the United States continues to expand, there is an increased need for nursing specialists. Therefore nursing professionals face increased pressure to make a critical career choice: FNP vs NP. While family nurse practitioners are a category of nurse practitioners, FNPs arguably have the most flexible NP specialization. Therefore, the choice […]

The Role of the Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health

There is a nationwide shortage of nurses, giving students enrolled in nursing programs a variety of specialties to decide between in the field of nursing. Choosing to work as a women’s health practitioner could prove to be a particularly rewarding career decision. Women make up half of the U.S. population. Their health concerns are unique […]

Tools Nurses Can Use to Understand Cultural Perspectives

In communities that have a diverse population with varying cultural and linguistic backgrounds, communication between patients and nurses can be especially difficult, negatively impacting nurse-patient relationships and often resulting in a decline in the quality of available nursing care. The National CLAS Standards were established by the Office of Minority Health in the year 2000 […]

4 Perspectives on Life as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

The job of a pediatric nurse practitioner not only requires effectively providing care to acutely, chronically, or critically ill children, but also providing emotional support to the family as they cope with their child’s condition. Educated nurses who are currently pursuing a career in pediatric nursing can discover more about the discipline through the following […]

The State of Mental Health in the U.S. – Improving Awareness

Mental health issues have long held stigmas, despite the fact that one-in-five US adults will suffer from a mental health condition during his or her lifetime, and countless family members and friends will be affected in the process. [1] Whether you suffer from mild depression or anxiety, or you’re helping a loved one cope with […]