Youth Leadership Education and Team Building

People need a lot of different skills to grow into a happy and successful adult. Some of the most important skills a person needs to learn are how to be leaders and how to work together with others in a team. Sometimes you will be in charge, and other times you won’t, but being able to do well in both situations is important.


When people think of leadership, they think that it means being in charge. This is partly true. The leader does decide what everyone else in a group will do, dividing up the work fairly between everyone involved. For example, if you’re working on a project about whales for school, the leader of your group might ask one person to look up information about whales, one person to write everything down, and someone else to create a poster about whales. But being the leader doesn’t mean that you don’t have to help do the work: A good leader always helps out their team. The most important thing about being a leader is that you are responsible for making sure that your team gets the job done well and works together.

Leadership Games for Kids

These games promote group work as well as the need for leaders. Each one requires movement, which helps boosts mental and physical health.

Group Activity for Kids That Teaches Leadership

This short article provides directions for three activities that help kids learn leadership skills while helping the other players learn to trust their leader.

Easy Games to Empower Kids

Practice confidently sharing your ideas and thinking on your feet with these fun games that you can play anywhere.

Leadership Training Activities for Kids

The activities in this article can help you be more confident while you learn about what makes a good leader.

Leadership Games and Activities

This slide show includes a whole bunch of games that can help you learn leadership skills.

Follow the Leader

This game is an old favorite: A leader stands in the front and calls out fun commands for the rest of the group to follow.

Physical Activities That Provide Kids Lessons in Leadership

Things like joining a sports team or going to summer camp include the types of games that take longer than one afternoon, but they can do a lot to help you learn more about being a good leader.

Leadership Fun for Children

Scroll down this page to find ideas for activities that can help you become a more confident leader.

Find the Leader Game

This activity will let you learn about how to lead people and how to follow a leader.


Team-building is an important skill for leaders and team members to have. Learning how to work with other people is really important, since you’ll need to work together with others to get things done for the rest of your life. Some people like to be in charge of groups instead, but it’s important to remember that if you’re not the one who is the leader of the group, you need to listen to and follow the person who is. Everyone on a team is important, no matter what their role is.

Pass the Frog

It sounds simple to play this game: Just pass the frog around the circle as fast as you can. But there’s a catch!

Team-Building Games to Play

Follow the instructions for each activity and work with your team in order to complete the challenges.

Continue Class Team-Building All Year Long

These activities will challenge you to work together with your classmates to learn new things.

10 Team-Building Games That Promote Critical Thinking

The instructions for these activities will have you working with your team to solve mysteries, build a tower, or even navigate an obstacle course.

10 Team-Building Activities for the First Week of School

These ice-breaker activities will help you get to know classmates better and help you learn how to work with them.

Hog Call

Work together with a partner to find each other in a noisy crowd in this fun game!


This game combines working together in teams and the fun of tag. Group A tries to guess the job that Group B is acting out. Once Group A guesses right, it’s time for Group B to start running!

Team-Building for Kids: A Complete Guide

This article has team activities for different group sizes that combine fun things like tag with challenges that the team must work together to complete.

15 Team-Building Activities for Kids

The different games in this article are designed to help kids from preschool through elementary school learn team-building and cooperation.

Non-Competitive Team-Building Activities for Elementary School Students

The activities in this article can help you learn to communicate and work together in a low-stress way.

Team-Building Activities

Try out these ideas to get moving and practice working together in groups.

10 Fun Team-Building Activities for Kids

These fun games are a great work to get better at teamwork.